Soil improving technology

Question: What are the 2 red objects on the picture?


Answer: Silly question, 2 tomatoes!

Well, the answer is only semi correct. What you actually see is a big tomato on the left (146 gram) and a smaller tomato on the right (118 gram only). The difference in weight is 28 grams = 19%.

Both tomatoes are same species but from 2 different shrubs in a test plantation. Both shrubs have been watered daily with exactly same amount of water and both where exposed to same quantity of sunlight and environmental conditions daily.

So WHY are the tomatoes so different in size?

The shrub from which the big tomato was picked, was cultivated in a special soil, prepared by RES-technology whereas the shrub carrying the smaller tomato grew in an ordinary garden soil.

RES's soil improving technology was developed in particular for countries in the Middle East, Northern Africa and countries where unprofessional agricultural practices resulted in emaciated, infertile or unproductive soil. Wherever needed, we incorporate the R&D competence of a well know German university in order to back-up scientifically projects of special and unique nature.

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