Aquaculture/Marine biology

Aside from communication and IT technologies, aquaculture is the fastest growing business in the world economy!

Dwindling fish resources, higher demand for fish proteins and the increased environmental pressures are the driving forces behind this development.

Aquaculture is not an innovative technology! Today, already 35% of consumed fish world wide results from aquaculture and this figure is steadily increasing as the only option to provide sufficient seafood, freshwater fish and sources for protein to the steadily increasing world population.

However, dwindling fish resources and the increasing production from the aquaculture sector have resulted in numerous developments that are socially or environmentally unacceptable: aquaculture is, e.g., one of the biggest polluters of the coastal environment in many countries, particularly in many developing countries. In many instances the use of antibiotics and pesticides has caused severe health hazards.

Together with Dr. Jürgen Saeger, an internationally known and experienced Marine Biologist with 30 years successful practice in Asia, RES offers services in:

  • Defining, planning and commercial operation of fish farming projects
  • Disclosing possible contradictions and obvious exaggerations of vendors of aquaculture technologies before signing any contract in order to avoid economic losses and subsequently to be faced with inappropriate technologies and faulty designs
  • Design & implement concepts to rehabilitate and conserve valuable lagoon- and coastal ecosystems
  • Design & implement projects in watershed protection and rehabilitation through river improvements and upland reforestation, incl. waste water treatment systems
  • Design & implement projects in coastal ecosystem protection and rehabilitation through mangrove reforestation, pollution control through participatory approaches and public awareness campaigns
  • Develop, design and implement livelihood projects in fisheries and aquaculture.