Welcome to our web page!

RES stands for "Resources, Ecology, Services" and indicates in brief the scope of our business activities.

"Resources" covers all kind of materials and products, provided by nature and earth.

"Ecology", in good condition, is a prerequisite to ensure that Resources are available not only for the next few decades but also for the next centuries and generations to follow.

"Services", in terms of engineering, trade and commercial aspects, are providing Resources and Ecology to people in an appropriate, professional, and cost-efficient respect.

Our staff has its "roots" in Southeast Asia since the mid 70th. 30 years of experience in Engineering, Marketing & Sales, Transfer of Technology and knowledge on specific commercial practices in Asia shape our entrepreneurial spirit.

We have partnerships in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. Since recent a partnership in Turkey was established which additionally provides our link from Europe into the Middle East.

RES is headquartered in the direct catchment area of Hamburg, Europe's heartbeat center for exports & imports, trading & shipping, providing unique performances for successful international business.